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About Us

We are often asked about the origin of our company name. Actually, our founder, Bron Hemphill, is from south Louisiana in the heart of Cajun Country, hence the company name “Cajun Industrial Electronics”. If you’re not familiar with the Cajun culture, it’s one where the people work hard, make an honest living, and “do right” by each other.

No, we don’t repair only machines from Louisiana. No, you don’t have to have gumbo ready when we arrive at your plant (though it’s okay if you do). Yes, we will help you even if you don’t like the New Orleans Saints.

We’ve been repairing industrial electronics since 1994, putting machines back to work that might otherwise have been scrapped or replaced.

We are not industry specific. Components are pretty much components in every industry.

The equipment manufacturer doesn’t much matter to us, either. For the same reason.

We have at our disposal a reference library of electronic manuals, schematics and details from decades back that even the internet doesn’t have.

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